About Us


Islamic Community Academics Network (ICAN) is a platform for Muslim academics from diverse disciplines getting together to exchange information, networking and building relationships across disciplines.

ICAN has two main goals:

  1. To facilitate networking among the Muslim researchers and academics mastering in different fields/disciplines.
  2. To offer one’s academic capital for the benefit and improvement of the Muslim community and Australian society.

Academic networking goal aspires to trigger vibrant interdisciplinary work and collaborations among the academics of different disciplines while envisioning to utilise the intellectual “cream” of our community for the benefit of the Muslim community, Australian society and the cosmopolitan world in which we live in. In so doing, ICAN envisions the individual and collective academic activities with greater research impact in local, national and global scale.  

ICAN started humbly in 2016 with a few Muslim women academics from different disciplines and universities in NSW. The group aimed to maintain the network and grow organically and sustainably by organising a few breakfast series and workshops. Due to the raising interest in ICAN and the need for a gender neutral professional networking, the group aimed to expand by organising annual networking brunch and including both male and female Muslim academics.

Follow ICAN events and announcements on our webpage, linked in and facebook.